Sticky Note’s services

Sticky Note helps your organization design, realize and communicate. In short, you’ll have one point of contact for your entire branding, so no hassle with multiple parties.

Your brand and story are unique. That’s why Sticky Note only offers custom work.

Packages are offered below for orientation. They will be adjusted based on your needs.

Logo design

Designing a logo includes:

  • Creative briefing – a questionnaire to complete
  • 3 custom primary logo designs to choose from
  • 3 color palettes to choose from
  • The final logo, plus alternative logo + favicon

Branding style board and guide

The development of your branding style board includes:

  • Complete logo design package
  • Font Combinations
  • Textures and Patterns
  • Additional Brand Elements
  • Full board with brand style
  • Accompanying Detailed Style Guide
  • Final design files (via Google Drive)

WordPress Web Design

This package includes:

  • Guided content questionnaire
  • Beautiful and modern website designed using WordPress platform with a custom theme
  • Setup & installation of hosting and domain accounts
  • Design & layout of up to 7 pages
  • A custom email address attached to your website URL
  • Setup & installation of plugins to enhance your website
  • Completely responsive and mobile-optimized
  • Blog configuration and social media integration
  • Integration with your email marketing platform (Mailchimp or converkit)
  • Email capture forms placed in the optimal positions around your website
  • Configuration of payment gateways, with custom-designed payment button consistent with your brand (PayPal or SamCart)

Social media branding

The social media branding package is for a maximum of 3 social media platforms and consists of:

  • Banner and Profile Pictures
  • Templates for Pinterest posts (3 variations)
  • Templates Instagram posts (3 variations)
  • Templates for Facebook posts (3 variations)
  • Templates for LinkedIn messages (3 variations)

Optional add-on:

  • Setting up your content calendar for up to 3 months

Marketing materials

Designing offline marketing materials. The package contains:

  • Design of up to 3 printed marketing materials: (i.e. business cards, flyers, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, postcards, etc.)
  • Revisions: 2 revisions are available for each item.

Optional add-on:

  • Sticky Note can have it printed for you and delivered to your address.

Presentation layouts and webinars

Designing a PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi presentation consists of:

  • 12 slides custom designed
  • Elegant transition animations
  • Fully editable content
  • At least 6 variations of the slide layout

Optional add-on:

  • Process your text directly in a presentation based on the templates

Webinar & Workshop Design & Integration

This package includes:

  • 4 teleseminars and/or webinars configured. Plus complimentary configuration of one new teleseminar/webinar account (instantTeleseminar, goTowebinar, google Hangouts on air)

Each webinar or workshop will include the following:

  • Landing page designed for promotion & lead generation (leadPages)
  • Integration with your email marketing platform (Mailchimp or Convertkit)
  • Webinar/workshop configuration for date and time of call
  • Email autoresponder with call in details configured
  • 2 reminder email mailers for your audience
  • Replay link edited and ready to share with your audience within 24 hrs after the seminar
  • A follow-up email mailer for your audience (with replay link and call to action)
  • Custom URL to use for marketing and promotions
  • Complimentary test run upon request

E-Book design

For designing your E-book Sticky Note offers:

  • Custom designed up to 12 pages
  • Beautiful, professional cover
  • Fully editable content in Adobe InDesign
  • Includes interactive links
  • Final PDF document

Optional add ons:

  • Create landings- or sales page
  • Create a marketing campaign to promote the E-book